Mary Lynne Fernandez has spent countless hours helping students deal with the roller coaster ride of life. As a leadership speaker, Mary Lynne connects and inspires each student to take action in their own life, starting today.

Mary Lynne Inspires Students To:

  • Let things go and not get stuck in anger or stress-mode

  • Know how their choices affect themselves and others

  • Realize who they can be in this world

Her message takes them on a journey through her own life story, including the ups and downs she has experienced and how choices impacts self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-happiness. In Mary Lynne’s youth presentation, she shares her experience with teen suicide, drugs and alcohol, and bullying. She not only talks about these topics, she gives young people straight talk on what to do about them.

Her presentations, workshops, and seminars encourage students to take control of their life, to stop letting people and things get in their way, and to start turning their dreams into a reality.

Mary Lynne speaks at schools, conventions, conferences, camps, retreats, and other events for students and those who work with students. *Presentations can be tailored to your school, conference, or organization.

“Mary Lynne cares.” – parent




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